What to expect

We love our city! More importantly, we love the people that make up our city. Come to Mill City Church on a Sunday morning expecting to feel welcomed. We value each face that comes through our doors. Whether you have a history in the church or it's your first time, whether you come from a traditional or contemporary church background, whether you're old or young—we're excited to have you. 

Check out some questions below to learn a bit more of what to expect...

How should I dress?

We welcome you to dress comfortably and be yourself. Most people at Mill City dress somewhat casual while others do dress up. Jeans are certainly fine as well as shorts during the summer. 

What do I do when I get there?

When you walk into the foyer, go up the stairs (or elevator) to the second floor and take a left down the hallway. Our worship space is at the end of the hallway. Greeters will be at our worship space to answer any questions you may have and show you into the worship space. 

What happens during the gathering?

The worship guide (a program) that you received will give you an idea of what to expect during our time together. Please take a moment to complete the Connection Card that you will find on your seat and place it in the offering basket later in the service. The card is a way for us to learn a little bit more about you and to be able to communicate with you. We promise that we won't show up at your door, but we will send you a free gift during the next week in exchange for the card.

We want you to enjoy your time with us so we encourage you to participate as much or as little as you like. You can meet lots of new people seated around you or choose to remain anonymous at first if you prefer. We'll give you some simple instructions throughout the service to let you know when to stand or sit. During our time together we will sing, pray, read Scripture, laugh, hear stories of how God has transformed people's lives, and hear a Bible study that is both Biblical and practical. The gathering usually lasts 75-90 minutes. We would love for you to hang around for a little while after the service. Refreshments are available each week, and our people love to spend time meeting newcomers and catching up with friends.

Can I bring my child?

We welcome children of all ages to Mill City Church and we have a nursery/playroom for younger children.

If I drive, where can I park?

There is a parking lot at the front of our facility that has 72 parking spaces.