Mill City Family,

Updated March 17, 2020

As the world continues to carefully watch the spread of COVID-19, we want to be diligent to prepare ourselves, promote the well-being of our people, and to partner with our communities to help prevent the spread of the virus.  As church leaders, we are constantly monitoring the situation, listening to authorities, and discussing steps forward for our church community.  Circumstances are changing not only on a daily basis but even an hourly basis.  We realize that questions, fears, and even skepticism exist surrounding the governmental response to this pandemic.  It’s not our responsibility to make those big decisions, but it is our responsibility to operate lovingly in the midst of them.  We want to work with our community and not against it.  So here is where we are as a church family...

We are indefinitely suspending public worship gatherings on Sunday mornings until circumstances change.  However, our worship team and pastors will be live-streaming from our facility via Facebook Live at our normal meeting time of 10:30AM on Sundays.  We are thankful that God has provided the technological means to spiritually connect, worship, and hear God’s Word together even while being temporarily separated in person.  Please make it a priority to remain connected to your church family in this way.

We are also indefinitely suspending Community Groups and all other groups and meetings until circumstances change.  However, we do want to encourage our church members and regular attenders to remain connected with one another as best as possible.  The coming weeks are likely to induce at the least a spirit of cabin fever and at worst feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Please help overcome this by reaching out to one another via cards, text messages, emails, phone calls, FaceTime, and other media platforms.

We want to encourage you to keep the following in mind as we persevere through this together...

  • Please practice personal responsibility with your own health and hygiene. Wash hands often, and avoid shaking hands. If you feel sick, please don’t expose others to that sickness.
  • If you know of anyone in our congregation who is infected or affected by the virus or if you are aware of any matters of shepherding care during this time, please let our elders or staff know.
  • Please remember to pray for your church, community, nation, and world. One of the greatest ways we can serve the world during this time is by investing time on our knees interceding on its behalf.
  • Please remember the mission of your church during this time. Several men and women have been studying the Scriptures and other evangelistic resources exploring what faith in Jesus means. Those spiritual needs have not ceased in the midst of these cancellations. Ask God to continue drawing men and women to Himself—even through this pandemic.
  • Please remember to give your regular tithes and offerings to Mill City. Our mission and financial commitments continue in the midst of this too. You may give online or mail your checks to Mill City Church, 81 Bridge Street, Lowell, MA. 01852.

We realize these times are concerning, strange, and inconvenient.  But here’s our encouragement to you in the midst of it…God is still sovereign.  Jesus is still risen.  The gospel is still true.  Our hope is still fixed.  Therefore, we have nothing to fear.  Keep a big picture perspective.  There is so much information floating on the Internet.  Some of it is useful.  Some of it fosters more panic than calm.  Keep in mind that a majority of the actions being taken by our government is preventative in nature.  So, we desire to abide by those actions to aid in that prevention.  Be people of reason, people of calm, and people of hope to our families, our friends, and our neighbors.

Let’s continue to LIVE SENT and BE THE CHURCH as we walk through these coming weeks. We love you and are praying for you during this time. Pray for us too as we strategize how best to minister in these confusing days.

We’re going to get through this together.  And we can’t wait until we reconvene again on a Sunday morning in person.

—Mill City Church Elders and Staff Team

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